Coinciding with International Women's Day, the exhibition "They shut me up in Prose," will be opening on March 8, 2022. The show, whose title is taken from Emily Dickinson’s eponymous poem, centers on the work of six women artists who introduce sophisticated models of femininity that reflect a shared contemporary experience and reframe the representation of the female image.

May 13th-June 24th, 2022

Their common denominator is the way in which they contemplate social and cultural concepts pertaining to female identity, desires, and sexuality.

For all six artists, this is the first exposure of their work in Israel.

Gillian Wearing has been creating provocative, penetrating works that probe questions of identity for three decades. Her self-portraits trace the formation of the individual's identity from familiar social and historical contexts. Hannah Starkey stages scenarios involving women in urban settings; her photographs, she attests, are explorations of everyday experiences and observations of city life from a female perspective. Grace Weaver presents portraits of women as archetypes of feminine self-representation. Kaye Donachie's mysterious and deeply evocative portraits drift between dream and reality. Maria Farrar's scenes originate in memory fragments, capturing moments at once concrete and illusive, and conveying a sense of a floating world. GaHee Park's paintings offer glimpses into intimate moments and erotic fantasies, portraying couples or solitary nude women, often set in domestic interiors.

Hilery Pecis
Maysha's Flowers, 2020
Jonathan Edelhuber
Untitled, 2020
Jammie Holmes
Across The Street, 2020