high voltage three

The sequel of the inaugural exhibition High Voltage, opened in November 2020. The show features 14 promising artists, offering a glimpse into how much the world has changed for figurative artists.

September 15th - October 27th

Jocelyn Hobbie
Pink Ground/Big Coat, 2021

Nassima Landau is pleased to present High Voltage, the first exhibition celebrating the inauguration of the project’s new art space at the heart of Tel Aviv.

This major exhibition features 35 works by 15 promising artists, some of them newly emerging, others more established, while almost all of them are exposed in Israel for the first time.

They all breathe new life into figurative painting, pushing the boundaries of what figuration can mean, often turning to and reinventing art historical subjects, current events and comics as sources of imagery and inspiration. Most of the works included in the show were created especially for this show.

Hilery Pecis
Maysha's Flowers, 2020
Jonathan Edelhuber
Untitled, 2020
Jammie Holmes
Across The Street, 2020